Nutrisystem for Men

Men’s Nutrisystem: Thinking about taking the plunge and signing up for Nutrisystem for men?

Starting a new diet solution can be an exciting but intimidating decision, so it’s important to know exactly what you’re signing up for.

Nutrisystem for Men is a version of their popular meal-delivery diet specifically catered to men’s needs. In their TV commercials they claim that a man can lose up to 18+ pounds (aka, “FreshStart®“) in the first month, but is this the right diet for you? Read on to learn about how Nutrisystem for Men works, the cost, and whether it’s a good fit for your personality and manly weight loss goals.

*Update 1/15/19: Nutrisystem now offers Men “Uniquely Yours Plus,” which adds 28 protein shakes to each monthly delivery + EXTRA $50 off code here, sweet!

Nutrisystem for Men Explained: (In 90 Seconds)

Ok, sorry the stock music in that video is annoying, but it’s actually very informative!

man review

Anyway, all Nutrisystem plans are based on pre-packaged, “perfectly portioned” meals delivered to your door every month. The big strength of this diet is convenience, as there are no calories or points to measure.

You’ll know what to eat and when, and it’s basically just heat and eat from there, with the exception of supplementing their meals with fresh fruits and vegetables.

With Nutrisystem for Men you will:

  • Eat 6 smaller meals a day
  • Supplement meals with fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Have your meals & snacks delivered every month; up to 150 to choose from
  • Enjoy 4 flex meals a week, including healthy restaurant meals, or your own cooking from their online recipes
  • Start with the Fresh Start program the first week, and drop up to 18 pounds now + 8 lose inches in  your first month!
  • Expect to lose an average of 1-2 pounds per week

Plan options?

When you signup, you’ll have the choice between the BasicCoreUniquely Yours, and Uniquely Yours Plus plans. Basically, you pay a bit more for increased food options, and Uniquely Yours Plus adds 28 protein shakes per month. All plans, except Basic, also include unlimited support including access to counselors, professional dietitians, and online tools and trackers.

The Uniquely Yours plan offers “total menu freedom,” (didn’t Braveheart die for that!?) meaning you can mix and match between all of their 150 meal and snack options.

All plans are based on “perfectly portioned” foods that are high in protein and fiber, and low in bad carbs. with emphasis on the glycemic index. (blood sugar levels) The meals are delivered for “free” via FedEx automatically every month, and you can customize your menu online anytime before it ships.

Nutrisystem for Men Cost:

Nutrisystem’s plans for Men cost about $1/day more than the equivalent plans for women. This is because they include more food to meet men’s higher daily calorie intake.

Here are the latest costs for men with their 40% off (nutrisystem for men/40) promotion:

Nutrisystem Men Cost: Basic: Core: Uniquely Yours: Uniquely Plus:
Men’s Plans:
View promo
Men: $100 Off:
*View promo
For Men: promo
For Men: promo
NA NA $12.85/day

*The 40% off promotion is best because it locks-in the low monthly rate. Other offers, like the $100 off coupon, increase by as much as $50 per month after the 3-month promotional period!

men promo

*Apply Nutrisystem for men/40 promotion or, view all coupons

*We often have promo codes for up to an extra $50 off at signup here.

What Men Like About the Diet: (Positive)

nutrisystem for men/40
review good

As mentioned, it’s an easy diet to follow, which makes it a favorite option for busy people. Nutrisystem for Men ranks as the #5 best commercial diet, and #11 overall for easiest diet to follow by U.S. News & World Report.

It also ranks well for best fast-weight loss diets,” as you hit the ground running and can expect to shed weight quickly. In fact, Nutrisystem for Men challenges you to lose up to 15 pounds in your first month. (based on starting weight) 

Nutrisystem for men promises the “right mix of nutrients to fuel your body,” including lots of protein and fiber, which makes you feel fuller, longer. They also have special plans for vegetarians and those with diabetes.

Another plus is that they offer new customers 40% off and that price doesn’t go up. (Don’t just go to their homepage to signup, as you’ll pay more!) 

So, in summary, it’s very convenient, making it popular with busy people who don’t want to cook every day. You can see inspiring testimonials for Nutrisystem for Men here.

Why Men Complain: (Negative)

“Say something positive?
Well positive ain’t where I live!” – Naughty by Nature, Everything’s Gonna Be Alright

review bad

Convenience is a two-sided coin, and the “heat and eat” approach doesn’t work for every man. Although reviews are mostly positive, a common complaint is that Nutrisystem for Men limits your food options.

In fact, I think more than one negative review has been written by teary-eyed men sitting at Buffalo Wild Wings, trying to resist forbidden wings and beer!

Anyway, as with all meal-delivery diets, (Medifast, Bistro MD, South Beach Diet, etc.) you’re committing to eating the meals and snacks they send you. This approach requires discipline, and is the source of most failure and bad reviews. That means “long-term weight loss” could be considered a weakness, because not all men want to stick with it after a few months.

No one dog breed (I like dachshunds!) or presidential candidate works for every man (apparently!) and the same goes for diets. If you’re here, you’re skeptical and doing your homework, and that’s good!

Another potential “negative” is that you are charged for a whole month’s food up-front. Even though you’d be spending that same $300+ a month on food if you weren’t on the diet, it’s a chunk of change on your credit card bill every month.

If you prefer to do your own cooking and count points, maybe meal-delivery isn’t for you and you’d rather just pass. If so, you can always consider Weight Watchers instead. (Nutrisystem vs Weight Watchers

What Are the Meals Like? Here’s a Sample Menu:

nutrisystem food reviews

Wondering what kinds of food you’ll actually eat on this diet? Here’s what a day on Nutrisystem for Men might look like:

Day 1: (sample)

  • Breakfast: Nutrisystem® Sweetened O’s Cereal A.M. Snack + 1 cup non-fat yogurt
  • A.M. Snack: 1 low-fat string cheese + an apple
  • Lunch: Nutrisystem Beans & Ham soup w/ cheese + a salad
  • P.M. Snack: Nutrisystem popcorn
  • Dinner: Nutrisystem Thick Crust Pizza w/ mushrooms
  • Dessert: Nutrisystem White chocolate chunk cookies

Day 2: (sample)

  • Breakfast: Apple strudel bar + 1 hardboiled egg
  • A.M. Snack: Whole grain crackers + 1 cup low-fat milk
  • Lunch: Nutrisystem cheese tortellini + 1 pear + 1 low-fat string cheese
  • P.M. Snack: Nutrisystem milk chocolate flavored pretzels
  • Dinner: Nutrisystem Mushroom risotto + fresh asparagus
  • Dessert Nutrisystem carrot cake

The “man” menu: Every food choice includes: customer reviews, nutrition facts, and ingredients:

nutrisystem food nutrition info

Want to see more sample daily menus? Nutrisystem posted a week’s sample menu on their site to give men an idea of what a sample menu looks like

Is Nutrisystem for Men Healthy?

nutrisystem for men healthy

Nutrisystem for Men is high in protein and low-glycemic (good) carbs. It also adds a healthy amount of fiber so that you stay full longer.

Losing weight is one thing, but is Nutrisystem food good for you? To answer that question, let’s look at the daily amounts of calories, protein, carbs, sodium, and fiber.

Here’s how Nutrisystem for Men compares to the daily recommendations for a man trying to lose 1+ pound per week:

Nutrisystem: (for Men) Daily Recommended:
Calories: 1450-1500 2000 (source)
Carbs: 165-206g 225-325g (source)
Protein: 73-113g 46g (source)
Fiber: 30-40g 25g (source)
Sodium: 2000-2300 mg 2300 mg (source)
Fat: 33g 40g (source)
Sat. Fat: 17g 20g (source)

As you can see, Nutrisystem for Men foods compare favorably to the recommended daily allowances for men on a diet.

How Much Does It Cost? (For Men)

Nutrisystem plans for men cost a bit more than the same plans for women. In fact, the “man” plans end up costing about $1.50 more per day. Not a huge deal, but it adds up over a month, and you should be aware of the cost.

Why do men pay more? Men pay more because the plans are based on your daily calorie and nutrition needs. Men are generally bigger and taller, and require more calories, so Nutrisystem includes an extra snack every day. That extra food accounts for the price difference. Besides that, the men’s plans are very similar to the women’s plans.

Cost depends on the plan you choose: There are 3 plan options, and on average, they cost about $12 per day, ($360 / month) unless you have a coupon, which drops the price. (below)

The main difference between plan options is that you pay more for increased variety of foods. You can learn more about the cost of Nutrisystem here!

men promo

*Featured promotion or, view all coupons

Nutrisystem for Men: Plan Options:

sample menu nutrisystem men
Choose your own menu with CORE and Uniquely Yours plans

There are three plan levels: BASIC, CORE, and Uniquely Yours.

Which one is best for you? That depends on how much meal variety you want, and whether you might need additional support from their dietitians.

  • BASIC Plan: Pre-selected foods, lacks “unlimited” support, but it’s the least expensive. If you are OK with their meal choices, a lot of men save money with “Basic”
  • CORE Plan: The most popular choice for men; adds more food variety, allowing you to choose from 100+ meals and snacks to make your menu
  • Uniquely Yours: Best variety, offering 150+ food choices and unlimited support, but it will cost you about $1.50 more per day

*You’ll notice that Nutrisystem uses celebrities like Dan Marino to advertise their plans for men, as Marie Osmond is apparently not exactly click-bait for the average man.

Does Nutrisystem for Men Work?

In an attempt to answer the question of whether Nutrisystem for Men works, we consulted the ratings from 4760 customer ratings from Although user ratings are from both men and women, the result is that about 80% of people report being “very satisfied” when asked to rate the diet for “overall satisfaction.”(Updated 1/15/19)

5 Stars4 Stars3 Stars2 Stars1 Star49.9%10.7%


Task Nutrisystem Rating
5 Stars 2,376
4 Stars 1,392
3 Stars 511
2 Stars 234
1 Star 246

While diets, including Nutrisystem for Men, don’t publish actual success rates, this is a good reference for whether the diet works.

Tip: You’ll Need to Supplement with Fruits & Veggies

circus strongman small

Have you heard of Nutrisystem’s Fresh Start campaign for men? (They also advertise it on tv as, “nutrisystem for men/40“) Like their regular plans, Nutrisystem for Men advises you supplement their prepared meals with fresh fruits and vegetables.

When calculating the potential cost of this diet, make sure to account for your (weekly?) trips to the supermarket, and the occasional restaurant meal.

The fresh fruits and vegetables give you vitamins and nutrition crucial to every healthy diet. No dietician or doctor worth their salt would recommend any diet that omits fruits and vegetables, so skip the miracle weight loss pills and detox shakes that do!

Tip: Know the cancellation policy

Customer review: “I read the fine print but evidently missed the part about owing a penalty if I canceled after the first order and didn’t order a second. This is not a good business practice… So now I owe a $125.00 penalty!” – Larry of Palm Harbor, FL

Before you signup, all men should understand Nutrisystem’s cancellation policy. It’s the source of some bad reviews, and education can prevent that. Here’s how it works:

If you signup and don’t like it, you have 14 days to cancel without paying a penalty. If you don’t cancel in that timeframe, you are obligated to pay for and receive at least 2 months of meals. That means if you cancel after 14 days and before your second shipment, you pay a $125 cancellation fee.

Why $125? They figure that’s the savings you got when you signed up, so they are taking it back, and it angers people who have to pay it!

*Related: Weight Watchers for Men Review

Tip: Contact Them Before You Write a Bad Review

One thing that you’ll notice on trusted review sites is that Nutrisystem responds to most negative reviews, and tries to resolve the situation. In fact, on Consumer Affairs a number of men have favorably changed their review and rating after Nutrisystem contacted them to address their complaint.

So, if you do try it out and things aren’t going well, give them a call and tell them why you’re unhappy. They might be able to fix the issue and get you back on track!

Men: Also Make Sure You’re Getting These 5 Vitamins Daily

Nutrisystem is high in fiber and protein, and appears to meet daily recommendations for most nutrients that a man needs. However, regardless of what diet you’re on, men of all ages should make sure they get the following every day. (top 10)

  1. Multivitamin: This is a no-brainer, but make it part of your daily routine. Also, men’s multivitamins should include selenium (fights cancer) and zinc (for sperm)
  2. Fish Oil: 1-3g ear day for brain and heart health
  3. Probiotics: For gut health and your manly immune system
  4. Vitamin D: Has a number of health benefits for guys and helps to fight diabetes
  5. Glucosamine with Chondroitin: Great for your joints as you get older, especially if you have pain from sports injuries

In Conclusion

Mens Nutrisystem is a very convenient dieting option. Like the popular South Beach Diet (review / cost) they tell you what to eat, and when, and send you the “perfectly portioned” snacks and meals that are high in protein and fiber every month. You just have to supplement their food with fresh fruits and vegetables of your own from the grocery store.

The main difference in the diet for men is that you’ll be eating an extra snack during the day, and can drop 15-18 pounds in the first month. As a result, it costs a little more for the gentlemen than the ladies.

So does Nutrisystem for Men really work? For most men it does, but like any subscription or commitment, it’s good to ask yourself, will this diet work for my unique needs? If you think it might, check out today’s best coupon here.

men promo

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